103.9169: Airgram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

A-124. For FEA. In reply to the first question raised in the Department’s airgram no. A-120 of March 7, 1945,83 it may be stated that although the original proposal of the National Foreign Trade Council (Chilean Country Agency) for the elimination of the remainder of the Decentralization Plan was presented orally in the form of a suggestion, the suggestion was sufficiently definite to the [be] considered tantamount to a request. However, for the purpose of obtaining the views of the Council in writing the Embassy has again discussed the matter with the appropriate officials and is now in receipt of a letter dated March 14, 1945 from the Executive Vice President of the Council, a translation of which reads as follows:

[Here follows text of translation of letter of March 14, 1945.]

With reference to the suggestion in the National Foreign Trade Council’s letter that a list of exchange permits granted by the Council be used as a guide in the granting of export licenses in Washington, the Embassy has subsequently explained to the responsible officials of the Council that such an arrangement is quite unlikely in view of the fact the broad scope of operations of the licensing procedures in the Foreign Economic Administration would seem to preclude singling out one country for such specialized attention. The officials of the Council have evidenced complete understanding of the problems involved and the Acting Vice President of the Council even offered to recall his letter for the purpose of withdrawing the suggestion in question. As a matter of courtesy, however, the Embassy agreed to transmit for the consideration of the appropriate authorities in Washington the full text of the Council’s letter in order that the ideas of the Council on this subject may be reviewed in their entirety. It is believed that this comment will serve to answer the second question asked in the Department’s airgram under reference.

This airgram has been prepared in collaboration with the Special Representative of the Foreign Economic Administration in Santiago and the Assistant Representative in Charge of Exports, who concur.

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The Embassy would appreciate being informed of the final decision made by the Foreign Economic Administration in respect to the proposal of the National Foreign Trade Council for the elimination of the remainder of the Decentralization Plan of Export Control insofar as that Plan applies to Chile.

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