740.25112A/10–445: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile ( Bowers )

872. Urdes 12863 Oct 4. Dept would prefer that all Axis marks be vested by Chileans and that they be retired from use either by legislative action or by purchasers when marks are sold as part of assets of manufacturing concerns. If Chileans cannot be persuaded to adopt such policy Dept would accept proposal made urdes 12863 provided Chileans designate no marks for Category 2 without prior approval of Emb. If equipped to do so Emb should prepare list of Category 2 marks and ask Chileans to prevent exploitation of all others. Since certain other Latin American countries may have cancelled or taken other action with regard to Axis marks which Chilean [Page 784] authorities intend to classify in Category 2 Emb shd make sure action taken by those countries is adequately safeguarded.