740.25112A/3–2045: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile ( Bowers )

240. There has been no change in policy. Chilean delegates referred to in your 347, March 20,91 were informed that approximately 300 names would be deleted in last Supplement on the basis of progress made in the nationalization program and that additional deletions would be considered if and when satisfactory evidence of additional progress was received.

[Page 776]

Chilean Embassy in London has suggested to British that Statutory List92 is no longer necessary in Chile in view of current status of Chilean controls. Department has agreed with the British Embassy here that a suitable reply to the Chilean Embassy would be to the effect that the action taken by the Chilean Government has already been followed by the deletion of a substantial number of names from the Statutory List and that British Embassy at Santiago is cooperating with the Chilean Economic Control Commission and the United States Embassy regarding remaining steps to be taken in completion of measures undertaken by the Chilean Government. Department has not been approached by Chilean Embassy here.

Please cable final recommendations concerning Group 9 deletions in forthcoming Supplement and forward promptly recommendations concerning meritorious cases in Category 4 and in Group 10 which may be considered for deletion in succeeding Supplement.

  1. Not printed; it indicated that Chilean delegates at the Mexico City Conference had received the impression that the Proclaimed List, as it applied to Chile, would soon be withdrawn (740.25112A/3–2045).
  2. British equivalent of the Proclaimed List.