710 Conference (W and PW)/1–2945

Memorandum of Department Policy Committee Meeting Preparatory to the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace

Memorandum of action taken at Policy Committee meeting held January 25, 1945, 5:00 P.M., at which were present Assistant Secretary Rockefeller, Messrs. Warren, Lockwood, Munro, Kelchner, Dreier, Frantz,30 Notter,31 Cabot, Johnston, and Bonsal. Also present was Under Secretary of Commerce Wayne C. Taylor.

Mr. Cabot presented to the meeting a resolution on the strengthening and improvement of the Inter-American System which had been previously approved by the Political Work Group. This resolution was discussed at length. In the course of the discussion, Mr. Rockefeller [Page 63] referred to the memorandum previously prepared in the Department (WG 4),32 stating that it was most interesting and provocative and should be used as a basic working document in considering the pending resolution.

The discussion brought out that Mr. Rockefeller and other members of the Policy Committee felt that the resolution as prepared was too much like resolutions adopted at previous inter-American meetings and was not sufficiently specific in making recommendations for the strengthening of the Inter-American System. Mr. Rockefeller expressed the view that the resolution should make specific recommendations for the strengthening of the System rather than merely a declaration of intention to be followed by study in the Pan American Union.

Mr. Notter discussed at length the possible effect of what might be done in Mexico City on the Dumbarton Oaks negotiations, and it was agreed that nothing should be done at Mexico City that would compromise the position of the United States in its negotiations for a World Organization, but at the same time the United States at Mexico City should give tangible proof of its desire to strengthen the Inter-American System.

Mr. Rockefeller stated that he thought there were three major objectives to be accomplished at Mexico City: (1) appropriate economic resolutions to reassure the other American republics as to their economic security; (2) guaranty of boundaries; and (3) tangible proof that the United States favors strengthening the Inter-American System.

Mr. Taylor advised again [against?] “declarations of intention” at Mexico City.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was agreed that a meeting would be held the following day to consider what specific recommendations could be included in the proposed resolution and that for this purpose the memorandum WG 4 would be considered item by item. Mr. Rockefeller also proposed that the questions propounded in WG 4 be reviewed with a view to preparing a memorandum of questions which could be furnished the Ambassadors of the other American republics.

  1. Harry W. Frantz, a technical officer of the delegation to Mexico City.
  2. Harley A. Notter, Chief, Division of International Security and Organization.
  3. Not printed.