The American Embassy in Brazil to the Brazilian Ministry for Foreign Affairs 9

No. 31

The Embassy of the United States of America presents its compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has the honor to refer to Portaria No. 347 issued on February 14, 1945 by the Coordinator of Economic Mobilization, providing, among other things, that all import and export transactions in products subject to the control of the Office of the Coordinator of Economic Mobilization shall be authorized or denied exclusively by the Coordinator in direct agreement with the Carteira de Exportação e Importação of the Bank of Brazil. The Embassy would greatly appreciate a clarification of the scope and objectives of Portaria No. 347, and its relationship to Portaria No. 7 issued jointly by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance on January 22, 1945, in order that the Embassy may be in a position to reply fully and accurately to inquiries which may be received from governmental or private sources in the United States. It is assumed that it is not the intention of the Government of Brazil, in its administration of these orders, to take steps which would be at variance with the provisions of the Reciprocal Trade Agreement between Brazil and the United States, or which would add additional burdens or impose further barriers to trade between the two countries.

Bearing in mind the considerations set forth in the Embassy’s note No. 2341 of December 15, 1944,10 such assurances and clarifications as the Government of Brazil may be able to give in regard to the foregoing would be greatly appreciated.

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The Embassy takes occasion to thank the Ministry in advance for its courtesy in this matter.

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 343, February 26, 1945, from Rio de Janeiro: received March 2.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. vii, p. 668.