710 Conference (W & PW)/1–2945

Memorandum of Department Policy Committee Meeting Preparatory to the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace

Memorandum of action taken at Policy Committee meeting held January 16, 1945, at which were present Assistant Secretary Rockefeller, Ambassador Warren, Messrs. McClintock, Cabot, Sanders, Dreier,15 and Bonsal.

(Numbers correspond to those used in agenda for meeting.)

I. Further Cooperative Measures for the Prosecution of the War to Complete Victory.

Mr. Rockefeller suggested that an analysis of the Rio resolutions be made to determine which of these should be reaffirmed, extended or modified at the coming meeting. The matters of subversive activities, Axis property, etc. were discussed. Dr. Sanders presented a resolution and commentary for the continuation of the Committee for Political Defense. It was also agreed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be approached for suggestions as to any recommendations which they might have for a resolution.

It was agreed that Dr. Sanders would work on this part of the agenda with Dr. Berle and that he would make an analysis of the Rio resolutions and make the necessary contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Matters relating to recognition of (1) principal enemy governments, (2) enemy satellites, (3) liberated areas, and (4) principal Allied governments, and matters pertaining to the interests of the American republics in enemy occupied territory were referred to the political subcommittee. (It was agreed that this Government would make no suggestions with regard to the recognition of any principal Allied powers not presently recognized by some of the other American republics.) Later decision should be made as to whether these topics should come under item I or IV of the agenda.

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It was determined that consideration should be given to port security and Mr. Bonsal was asked to check this matter and report at a later meeting.

II. Consideration of Problems of International Organization for Peace and Security.

A. World Organization.

No action taken.

B. The Further Development of the Inter-American System, and Its Relation to World Organization.

It was agreed that Mr. Rockefeller should handle this part of the agenda at the Conference. Dr. Sanders will prepare background material for Mr. Rockefeller’s use in this connection. It was agreed that a resolution should be suggested providing for a preparatory body which would present to an international conference of American states a formal project to strengthen the Inter-American System. The resolution could also make recommendations for action at the later meeting but would not include any agreement as to basic principles.

Names of certain people outside of Government who would be helpful on this part of the agenda were then suggested, including Leon Pearson, Virginia Prewett, Walter Lippmann, Professors Herring, Murdock, Bemis, Borchard, Inman, Whitaker, Dickerson and Msgr. Ready.

Formation of Political Work Group. Mr. Rockefeller reported that Mr. Duggan16 would be unable to take the chairmanship of the political work group that he would assist it in its labors. It was therefore agreed that Ambassador Warren would be chairman of this work and that the membership would be determined by him at a meeting later today. It was felt that the political work group should obtain the advice and assistance of prominent outside figures in the inter-American field.

Mr. Rockefeller requested that a chart be prepared of inter-American organizations as they exist today. Dr. Sanders stated that there was one in existence which he would make available. A further chart will be prepared if necessary by CIAA17 chart room with data furnished by Dr. Sanders.

In connection with the suggested boundary resolution, Mr. Dreier will furnish a memorandum giving a brief summary of all existing boundary questions.

It was agreed that the action taken under this heading of the agenda should be without reference to the projected technical conference and [Page 57] that the principles to be followed would be (1) nothing should be done which is inconsistent with the principles of Dumbarton Oaks, and (2) every appropriate action should be taken to protect the Inter-American System.

  1. John C. Dreier, Chief, Division of American Republics Analysis and Liaison.
  2. Laurence Duggan, Assistant Diplomatic Adviser to UNRRA and former Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs.
  3. Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.