800.6363/5–2545: Circular airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in Certain American Republics 40

There have been indications that some Latin American countries anticipate that supplies of petroleum products will be increased in view of the reduction in military requirements in Europe. To avoid any misunderstanding we are transmitting below an analysis of the probable outlook for petroleum supplies. While readjustments following V–E Day may make some additional gasoline supplies available in the United States, they do not free additional water transportation. There is therefore no immediate prospect that the present allotments of gasoline can be increased in the countries of South America dependent upon tanker transportation. It is suggested that you give such publicity to this analysis as you consider appropriate in order that there may be a clear understanding of the over-all petroleum supply position. The Army–Navy Petroleum Board already has similarly advised all Area Petroleum Officers and the PSCLA41 is transmitting this analysis to the local Pool Committees.

[Here follows analysis of petroleum supply and transportation situation in general.]

The countries of Latin America may be assured that as soon, as military developments permit a larger volume of petroleum supplies to be shipped to these countries, the necessary readjustments to that end will be promptly made.

  1. Sent to diplomatic representatives in Cuba, Panama, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Haiti, El Salvador, and Honduras.
  2. Petroleum Supply Committee for Latin America.