462.00R/9–2745: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Berle) to the Secretary of State

2983. In conversation with Velloso last night question of Brazilian share of German reparations came up.18 Text of Braz. note in answer [Page 671] to ours is being forwarded.19 Velloso’s position is that no arrangement determining Brazil’s share of German reparations is binding unless Braz. is party to the discussions. Fact, of course, is Brazil does not take kindly to determination of her affairs by two or three powers without consultation. Velloso agrees, however, that question is academic because of fact there is no way of collecting reparations and that by comparison with claims of other countries blocked assets here probably give Brazil as good a position proportionatey as she can expect.

  1. For documentation relating to the subject of German reparations and restitution, see vol. iii, pp. 1169 ff.; for text of specific instructions sent to Brazil in regard thereto, see telegram 2089, August 28, 9 a.m., vol. iii, p. 1266.
  2. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 2971, September 27, from Rio de Janeiro, not printed.