811.24532/11–545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Berle) to the Secretary of State

3347. After dinner last night I took advantage of opportunity offered by presence of General Walsh56 and Air Minister Trompowsky to discuss informally status of our base negotiations. Air Minister stated that Linhares57 had given him full authority; but that after canvassing various sections of Air Force, all had stated [Page 637] that they were not in position to take over and maintain bases in their present state of efficiency. He said so far as he and rest of Brazilian Govt were concerned including General Gomes58 the ATC could stay there for as long a period as needed: nobody was worried.

He is going to study question of activating air base agreement but I gather has not yet got to point where he feels he can make decisions and wants it to run until after Dec. 2 elections if possible. I told him we were prepared to meet convenience of Brazilian Govt in that regard, although of course we wanted to get things in shape as soon as reasonably convenient.

  1. Maj. Gen. Robert L. Walsh, Office of the Commanding General, Army Air Forces.
  2. José Linhares. Upon the resignation of President Vargas in October 1945, Linhares, as President of the Supreme Court, assumed executive power.
  3. Major Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, Director of Air Routes.