811.24532/8–2845: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Berle) to the Secretary of State

2704. Please advise War Department that Embassy issued following statement today.

“With the close of the Japanese war, and the end of virtually all organized resistance, the Government of the United States has been making plans for the withdrawal of the American forces stationed in Brazil. This is in accord with understandings between Brazil and the United States at the time of our entry into the war. Every American, in the Armed Forces and out of them, has the highest appreciation for the cooperative relations and warm friendship which have existed between all grades of the Armed Forces of Brazil and of the United States, both in Brazil and on the battle fronts.

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The plans contemplate withdrawal of the American forces stationed in Brazil as rapidly as the bases have taken care of the transport requirements occasioned by returning troops. As soon as practicable, the headquarters of the United States Army Forces, South Atlantic, at Recife will be closed.

During such time as the Brazilian bases and airfields are required for the return of overseas forces, the cooperative arrangements between Brazilian and American authorities will be maintained for transport purposes.

The United States will provide and maintain such continuing technical assistance as may be useful to the Brazilian authorities in operating the installations as they are progressively turned over to Brazilian personnel.”

This complies with Department’s instructions. Prior to release, I yesterday discussed statement with President Vargas who appeared glad it was coming out. He remarked that they had never had any doubt that United States would withdraw its troops but that plain statement would prevent exploitation of their presence by unfriendly political elements.