711.32/12–2945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Brazil (Daniels)

2844. An effort will be made within a few days to give you a more responsive reply to your telegrams nos. 3792, December 28, and 3998, December 29,19 concerning your talks with Colonel Bina Machado and General Dutra. In the meanwhile however you may rest assured and may so categorically inform the gentleman with whom you spoke that this Government’s policy of full cooperation with Brazil remains [Page 623] in every particular unchanged. It is preferable to reserve for the time being any full discussion of the military matters you mention pending a complete examination of all of the facts and circumstances which will not be possible until several people who are now out of town return after the New Year’s holidays. Chalmers20 is in Boston and will see Berle at Great Barrington on January 2. It is hoped that their conversation will tend further to clarify the situation. It is our most earnest desire to keep our relations with Brazil on the same intimately friendly basis that has existed traditionally and particularly throughout the war and you may tell both Bina Machado and Dutra that our every effort will be bent on this and that we are sure that we will receive from Brazil the same understanding and frankness which has characterized our dealings in the past. You may say that you will have a further talk with them as soon as the Department has been able to give you a somewhat fuller reply.

For your secret information, it strikes us here that certain elements perhaps both in Brazil and Washington may be stirring up trouble on this matter. We may be in error on this but in any event we will welcome a frank and confidential expression of your own views.

  1. Latter not printed.
  2. Philip O. Chalmers, Chief, Division of Brazilian Affairs.