810.20 Defense/1–1045

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in Certain American Republics 1

Proposed Bilateral Staff Conversations

The Secretary of State refers to the Department’s secret circular instruction of August l,2 and encloses for the information of the Embassy a copy of the “Statement of Procedure in the Conduct of Bilateral Military Staff Conversations in Latin America.”3 This Statement has been agreed to by the War, Navy, and State Departments and has been sent by the War and Navy Departments to their representatives who will participate in these conversations. Previously issued statements of procedure, other than the basic instructions regarding staff conversations, have been rescinded by the War and Navy Departments. Further instructions will be sent to the Embassy concerning the timing and topics of the staff conversations.

  1. This instruction was addressed to the diplomatic missions in Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela on January 10, and was sent on January 16 to the diplomatic missions in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.
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