824.6352/9–745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia ( Thurston )

600. Reference paragraphs 1 and 4 of Embtel 936.80 If you continue convinced that strike mentioned in Embtel 921, Sept. 5 is imminent, you may in your discretion again approach MinFonAff and inquire what specific measures have been taken in view of this particular contingency by the Govt to implement the statement contained in Dept’s A–29480 that Ministry of Govt has taken adequate steps for protection of American citizens.

Reference paragraph 3 of Embtel 934. If you are satisfied that specifically anti-American agitation is still being conducted by Bolivian Govt officials, you may inquire how Govt reconciles this action in general with the friendly relations heretofore happily existing between our two countries, and more particularly with reference to the encouragement given to tin production by the American Govt and to other forms of economic assistance extended by agencies of this Govt.

You may state that foregoing inquiries are made at the direction of the Dept.

Public announcement about to be issued that tin contract signed.

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