810.6176/9–2645: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia (Thurston)

655. Reurtel 984, Sep 26 and Dept instructions 339 and 340 Sep 26.69 Dept believes 1) RDC stands prepared to carry out fully its obligations [Page 589] under the terms of the basic rubber agreement as amended as long as the agreement continues in force (i.e. thru Dec. 31, 1946 unless further modification mutually agreed upon); 2) modification which would relieve RDC of its existing obligations to purchase Bolivian rubber will not be initiated by the US; 3) RDC’s present specific plans for Bolivian operations constitute an orderly retreat from maximum production effort with adequate notice to other parties and hence permit orderly reconversion in producing areas.

Dept therefore concurs RDC’s present program as in accord with substance Resolution XXI.

  1. Instructions 339 and 340 not printed.