Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Secretary of State (Rockefeller)48

Participants: The Secretary
Victor Andrade, Ambassador of Bolivia
Nelson A. Rockefeller

The meeting was called at the request of Ambassador Andrade. The Ambassador explained to the Secretary that he was very concerned about the question of renewal of the tin contract which was to expire at the end of June. He pointed out to the Secretary that the economy of Bolivia depended upon the exportation of tin and that the social stability of the country, as well as the political stability, was closely related to the production of this metal from three large mines.

The Ambassador explained that his country was anxious to develop certain long-range economic and social programs, but that as the Government’s revenue was dependent, to a large degree, upon the income derived from taxation of earnings of the tin companies, unless these purchase contracts for tin were renewed for a period of two or three years, it would be impossible for them to make plans. He further stated it was particularly important at this time that such a program be worked out because Bolivia could not count indefinitely on tin to support her economy and that the country was anxious to open up the interior, particularly Santa Cruz, thus completely reorienting the economic structure of the country. He stated that this must be done as rapidly as possible in order to avoid a crisis which might come if the demand for tin dropped prior to the completion of these preparations.

The Secretary was most sympathetic of the Ambassador’s point of view and stated that he could count on his support in this matter. He dictated in the Ambassador’s presence a wire to Acting Secretary Grew, a copy of which is attached.49 The Ambassador was most appreciative.

Nelson A. Rockefeller
  1. Mr. Rockefeller and the participants listed below were attending the United Nations’ Conference on International Organization held at San Francisco, April 25–June 26, 1945; for documentation, see vol. i, pp. 1 ff.
  2. Telegram 4, June 14, 1945, not printed; in it the Secretary emphasized the desirability of extending the tin contract for as long a period as possible (824.6354/6–1445).