102.8951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Bolivia (Thurston)

265. For Rubber Development Munro36 from Truslow.37 RDC rubber agreement with Bolivia terminates December 31, 1946. No formal agreement has yet been reached on the 33⅓ per cent price premium. Agreements with Banco Agrícola also terminate December 31, 1946.

[Here follow, mutatis mutandis paragraphs which are the same as telegram 1000, April 19, to Rio de Janeiro, page 704, beginning with second paragraph.]

A similar proposal is being presented to each other American country participating in rubber program. [Truslow.]

  1. H. H. H. Munro, Special Representative of the Rubber Development Corporation in Bolivia.
  2. Francis A. Truslow, President of the Rubber Development Corporation.