835.918/10–2645: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cabot ) to the Secretary of State

2681. Re Embassy’s telegram 2649, October 24, 9 p.m. In conversation with Foreign Minister this afternoon he mentioned action of postal authorities in not permitting last issue of Time to circulate. He pointed out that comments re Perón’s relations with Evita Duarte37 were not fit for publication and that there were inaccuracies in Timers statements. Considering that Foreign Minister’s statements are substantially true, that Embassy on repeated occasions has made it clear that it did not feel that Mexico City Resolution XXVII applied to offensive or inexact news items and that Time is printed in Argentina for distribution within country, I feel that we should point out above-mentioned Embassy policy to Time rather than weaken our entire case regarding censorship by pursuing this individual case.

Foreign Minister then mentioned cables which had been held up and referred to what he called inaccurate statements in them. I pointed out very firmly that the statements of which he complained were those of Secretary of Unión Cívica Radical and of a prominent labor union and that I considered them entirely legitimate news. Foreign Minister acquiesced. As already reported, messages have gone by other routes.

  1. Who later became his wife.