711.35/7–245: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Braden) to the Secretary of State

1399. Embassy again this morning received telephone call from man alleging himself to be Captain Moretti, Sec. of the Minister of War, with following message:

“Situation is very serious and we are not disposed to permit that any journalist confuse the situation. This is not an official message but comes from one who could order it.”

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Approximately 10 minutes before, Newman of Tribune received threatening telephone call in same vein as that received by Arnaldo Cortesi on June 27, also allegedly from Moretti, who denies having made these calls.

ReEmbtel 1387, June 30, 11 p.m. Under these circumstances and having in mind Perón’s threats, Newman has elected to reside at Embassy residence until situation clears. Cortesi is taking other precautions including staying at friend’s house instead of own apt. I have informed Brit., Colombian, Mexican, and Cuban Ambassadors of sense of my telegrams 1387 and 1388. They all agree that progress we have made in respect of freedom of press, release of political prisoners and control of Nazis is forcing Perón into a corner, that in his insane ambition he will fight like a cornered wild animal and is capable of anything (repeat anything). All regard situation as extremely grave, but these Latin colleagues are emphatically in agreement with last paragraph of my 1388.