740.35112A/7–2045: Airgram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Braden) to the Secretary of State

A–351. In connection with the general policy regarding the Proclaimed List in Argentina the British Ambassador34 informed me recently that he had received a cabled instruction from London requesting his opinion regarding the Proclaimed List policy to be followed in Argentina. He stated that he was replying to the effect that he thoroughly agreed with me that the British and ourselves should be very severe regarding hard core offenders and that certainly no arbitrary period of say one year from V–E Day should be considered for their deletion.

He added that he had been discussing this matter with the Economic Section of his Embassy and inquired whether I did not feel that it would be best to be lenient with the lesser offenders, thereby making friends of them. I replied that we had already been extraordinarily lenient with the lesser offenders and I felt that we would be more respected if we continued to be very severe. I added that I was not concerned by the importance or wealth of the offender but by the nature of the offense. The Ambassador finally stated that he saw my point and would submit both viewpoints to London.

  1. Sir David Kelly.