740.35112 RP/7–545: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Braden)

814. The Department has under consideration the advisability of representations to the Argentine Government by the other American republics with respect to non-compliance under the Final Act of Mexico for the speedy and effective elimination of Axis spearhead firms. It is recognized that certain of the other American republics have not fully or effectively complied in the elimination of Axis firms, as particularly Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay have been delinquent in this regard. Nonetheless, joint action by the American republics in demanding that the Argentine Government comply immediately with its obligations under the terms of the resolutions of the Conference of Mexico and also of Rio might prove effective in the elimination of Axis interests in Argentina.31 Before proceeding further, the Department wishes a specific enumeration of our case against Argentina for non-compliance in this respect and no action will be taken until these have been received.

  1. In his reply, telegram 1477, July 9, 7 p.m., Ambassador Braden advised against joint action (740.35112 RP/7–945).