710 Conference W And PW/1–1145: Circular telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Argentina and Mexico

You are requested to call at the earliest possible opportunity on the Foreign Minister of the country to which you are accredited and to obtain from him any views which he may wish to express with regard to the tentative agenda, outlined in the Department’s circular telegram of January 5. You should forward your answer to this telegram not later than January 13. In speaking to the Foreign Minister you should make it clear that this Government does not intend to prepare the formal agenda, nor to correlate suggestions and amplify the tentative agenda already transmitted. It is believed that this task must be undertaken by the host government, in consultation with the other American republics. The Department merely wishes to be informed regarding the views of the other American republics in regard to the agenda of the conference.

You may also inform the Foreign Minister, in strictest confidence, that the United States will be represented at the conference by one [Page 5] delegate, Secretary of State Stettinius, and by one alternate delegate, Assistant Secretary Rockefeller. They will, however, be assisted by a carefully selected delegation of widely representative advisers and technical experts.