711.35/7–545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Braden ) to the Secretary of State

1441. ReEmbtel 1387, June 30, midnight [11 p.m.],74 and subsequent messages. I cannot too strongly urge that President Truman in forthcoming conversations with Premier Churchill insist that long range importance of Argentine problems from political and strategical aspects far outweigh any economic or other considerations.

So great is Brit. influence in this country that we cannot hope to eliminate Nazi militaristic danger unless we have complete coordination with and support of Brit. on every front and so long as these ideologies and evil influences endure both Brit. and our own interests will be in danger and any temporary advantages which might accrue from an appeasement policy presently will pale into insignificance alongside of the future menace.

In this connection I am happy to report that Brit. Ambassador is cooperating in every way and has expressed his entire agreement with my views. Therefore the only place in which I feel Brit. Govt might encounter obstruction in these matters is in the so-called “city” group such as English railways.

So long as Perón and military remain in control of this country we are faced with a fundamental policy issue, importance of which cannot be exaggerated. Appeasement will be fatal and we must rigidly stand on our principles.

  1. Post p. 508.