740.00112A EW/6–645: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Braden)

696. From Rockefeller. We have followed with interest developments of last few days and all of us here delighted with effectiveness of your work. I have been keeping constantly in touch with head of Arg delegation and for past 3 weeks he has been strongly urging his government to: (1) fix definite date for elections; (2) release all political prisoners; (3) restore freedom of press.

Reference your 1165 June 666 it would be most helpful and I should like to have numbered list of specific cases, first, in which they are not cooperating in relation to implementation of carrying out of declaration of war decrees and, second, in implementation of their commitments under Act of Chapultepec. I would then appreciate your keeping me posted on developments concerning these various matters in order that I may be fully informed at all times. [Rockefeller.]

  1. Not printed; the Ambassador indicated that Argentina’s failures with respect to compliance with various obligations were such as to make reduction of the Proclaimed List inadvisable (740.00112A EW/6–645).