835.01/4–745: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Chiefs of Mission 31

You may inform the Foreign Minister of the country to which you are accredited that the consultation which has been proceeding between the American republics has established a consensus that relations should be established with the present Argentine government. I shall therefore announce at my press conference at 12 noon Washington time on Monday, April 9th, that this Government has established normal relations with the present Argentine government. The American Chargé d’Affaires in Buenos Aires will deliver to the Foreign Minister a simple acknowledgment of a note from the Argentine Embassy in Washington dated March 14, 194432 informing the Department of Farrell’s assumption of the Presidency.

Please request the Foreign Minister to give no publicity to this Government’s intentions prior to the hour set and suggest the desirability of his Government doing likewise with respect to its proposed course.

The above message is repeated to Moscow for information only.

To American Embassies in all other American republics, except Buenos Aires,

To London (for Winant, the Netherlands and Norway) Paris, Brussels, Rome, Belgrade, Athens, Ottawa.

  1. See final two paragraphs of this telegram.
  2. Not printed.