The Argentine Chargé (García) to the Director General of the Pan American Union (Rowe)

Mr. Director General: With reference to the communication of His Excellency, Señor Don Ezequiel Padilla,21 President of the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace, received through the Pan American Union with a note of the Director General22 dated March 14, I am pleased to inform you:

  • First: That the Government of the Argentine Republic accepts the invitation extended to it by the twenty American Republics that participated in the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace, and adheres to the Final Act of the Conference;
  • Second: That in order to identify the policy of the Nation with the common policy of the other American nations and associate itself with them against threats or acts of aggression of any country against an American State, the Government of the Nation yesterday declared a state of war between the Argentine Republic on the one hand and the Empire of Japan and Germany on the other;
  • Third: That in accordance with the position adopted, there shall be taken immediately all emergency measures incident to the state of belligerency, as well as those that may be necessary to prevent and repress activities that may endanger the war effort of the United Nations or threaten the peace, welfare or security of the American Nations.

For appropriate action I transmit herewith the text of the decree issued by the Executive Power23 which pertains to the above-mentioned measures.

I beg to remain [etc.]

Rodolfo García Arias
  1. Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Leo S. Rowe.
  3. Not printed.