Memorandum Prepared in the Department of State2

Present United States Policy Regarding Argentina.

“The United States has determined not to establish relations with Argentina until its government demonstrates by unqualified acts its intention of observing its inter-American obligations and of abandoning its threat to inter-American peace.”

Possible Courses for Argentina to Follow:

In the light of the proposed conference in Mexico,3 Argentina may react in one of the two following extreme forms.

Further aid and comfort to the enemy, a withdrawal from the Pan American Union, followed by aggressive measures against her neighbors to gain their support.
A drastic change in internal policy, followed by steps designed to qualify her for readmission to the American family of nations.

Recommended United States Policy in the event that Argentina pursues Course (A).

The United States should be prepared to give military and economic guarantees to each of Argentina’s neighbors.
Fullest diplomatic activity in support of Hemisphere unity and Argentina’s isolation should be given.
Determine economic and financial policy towards Argentina in cooperation with the British and the other American Republics, which will give maximum support to the war effort and our political objectives.
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Recommended United States Policy in the event that Argentina pursues course (B).

1. That the United States be prepared to enter into consultation with the other American republics with the end in view of recognizing Argentina as soon as the following steps are taken:

Establishment of an interim Government as provided for by the constitution which demonstrates by the following action its intention to observe Argentina’s inter-American obligations and to abandon its threat to inter-American peace.
Reaffirmation of break with Axis, leading to declaration of war.
Dissolution of Axis organizations, elimination of Axis interests in black-listed firms and jailing of Axis individuals.4
Termination of the state of siege and prompt action to restore the Argentine Constitution and the calling of elections thereunder.
Adequate guarantees that Argentine Government officials will cooperate fully in the interchange of information and the taking of appropriate measures against the Axis and Axis sympathizers.

  1. The following notation appears at end of memorandum: “OK. FDR.”
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