711.62115 AR/12–2645

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Ecuador (Scotten)52

No. 1362

Sir: Enclosed, is a copy of a memorandum53 which will be transmitted in the near future to the Ecuadoran Embassy in Washington with a covering communication referring to that Embassy’s recent notes on the subject.

For your information, the three Governments which made the requests referred to in the memorandum were Peru, Ecuador, and El Salvador. The Department was advised that our position in the matter was creating so much ill will for the United States, particularly in Peru, as seriously to jeopardize the Good Neighbor Policy and that further argument would be fruitless. Since the United States Government could not legally effect deportations without the consent of these countries (and was in addition committed not to do so), it seemed that the only course open was to accede to the wishes of Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador. Since that was to be done, it was clear that the same opportunity would have to be offered to the other Governments concerned. They would in any event shortly find out about our action toward the three and would demand similar treatment, and it seemed far preferable to be frank with them from the start.

While the Department regrets that Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador have seen fit to insist on the return of the aliens they had deported, acceding to their wishes does not represent an abandonment of the repatriation program. A determined and sustained effort will be made to see to it that Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador, and any others who may follow suit, carry out their promises to take action pursuant to Resolution VII of the Final Act of Mexico City.

Very truly yours,

For the Acting Secretary of State:
E. O. Briggs
  1. Sent, mutatis mutandis December 26, to the Republics listed in footnote 48, p. 299, excluding Peru, and to Chile and Paraguay without the memorandum enclosed in the instructions to the other 12 Republics.
  2. See footnote 48, p. 299.