The Apostolic Delegate ( Cicognani ) to the Secretary of State

No. 217/42–9

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I beg your indulgence in permitting me to again approach you regarding a matter that is not exactly within the scope of this Delegation. However, I am directed by the Secretariat of State of Vatican City to present in the name of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, an appeal in favor of a group of German internees in the United States, who have wives and children in Costa Rica. I understand that there are about fifteen such internees and that arrangements are being made for their return to Germany rather than to the country where their families reside and where they themselves lived for many years.

This appeal in the name of the Holy Father is advanced for motives of compassion growing out of a knowledge that women and children have suffered separation from their husbands and fathers for some years and that their sufferings will be lengthened if these internees are compelled to return to Germany.

The Holy See has not considered the reasons that necessitated the internment of these men but hopes that despite these reasons, in view of the circumstances mentioned above, the question of allowing these internees to return to Costa Rica can be given favorable consideration by the Government of the United States.

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Again I ask your pardon for taking the liberty to present this appeal for I realize that I am not fully acquainted with the various factors involved.

With sentiments of esteem and every best wish, I remain

Sincerely yours,

A. G. Cicognani

Archbishop of Laodicea