Memorandum by the Secretary of War (Stimson) to the Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs (Warren)

As the Department of State is aware, bilateral military staff conversations are being conducted with the other American Republics.16 Thus far conversations have been concluded with Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela. These reports are presently undergoing careful study by the War and Navy Department members of the Joint Advisory Board on American Republics.
It would appear that, in order to retain the confidence of the other American Republics and indicate the sincerity of purpose of the United States, it is most desirable that some interim allocation of equipment be undertaken pending final study and approval of the recommendations submitted incident to the staff conversations recently concluded. It would further appear that allocation of certain types of aircraft represents the most practicable and feasible solution to accomplish the purpose of an interim program.
In order for the subordinate agencies of the War Department to appropriately make plans for the interim allocation of aircraft to [Page 242] the other American Republics, an agreement should exist between the War and State Departments in regard to a general program with respect to such allocations.
This matter has been discussed with the Chairman of the Joint Army and Navy Advisory Board on American Republics17 who concurs in the action outlined herein.
It is requested the Department of State notify the representatives of the foreign governments listed in paragraph 1 above that the War Department will favorably consider the allocation of aircraft listed in the attached chart18 to their respective governments during the remainder of 1945 based on recommendations of the bilateral staff conversations. The War Department will recommend to the Munitions Assignment Board allocations by increments consistent with the ability of the various countries to receive and maintain the aircraft. It is requested the War Department be advised of the action taken at the earliest possible date.
Upon receipt of reports and recommendations of the bilateral staff conversations with the other American Republics not listed in paragraph 1 above, the War Department will make further recommended allocations consistent with the intent and purpose of this interim program.
For the Secretary of War:
D. Divine II

Colonel, GSC Chief, Liaison Section, OPD, WDGS18a
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  2. Rear Adm. William O. Spears.
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  4. Operations Division, War Department General Staff.