Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Office of European Affairs (Matthews)

Mr. Novikov called on me yesterday afternoon at his request and referred to his conversation with Mr. Dunn on August 28. He said that the Soviet Government had given sympathetic consideration to the initiative taken by the Peruvian Government in its desire to establish diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Peru. Mr. Novikov said that his Government is inclined to give a favorable reply and that he had been authorized to discuss the question directly with the Peruvian Ambassador in Washington. He asked me to communicate with the Peruvian Ambassador and to suggest that the latter get in touch directly with him and arrange a time for a meeting. I told Mr. Novikov that I was glad to hear that his Government and the Peruvian Government, with both of which the United States has friendly and cordial relations, are considering establishing relations, and that I would be happy to communicate his suggestion to the Peruvian Ambassador. I said that it was my understanding that thereafter the Soviet Embassy would conduct its negotiations directly with the Peruvian Ambassador and that further action by the Department was not desired. Mr. Novikov said that this understanding was correct.

[Here follow two paragraphs on other subjects.]

This morning I telephoned the Peruvian Ambassador and informed him of what the Soviet Chargé d’Affaires told me in reply to the Peruvian Ambassador’s inquiry and he expressed his appreciation. He said that he would immediately get in touch directly with Mr. Novikov.