710.11/12–2245: Telegram

The Ambassador in Honduras (Erwin) to the Secretary of State

279. Honduran Minister for Foreign Affairs,70 in a five page memorandum delivered to this Embassy one hour ago, states that the “Government of Honduras desires that the non-intervention principle as agreed upon in inter-American conferences be maintained, and cherishes the hope that through the means established in the Charter of the United Nations there may be encouraged, in countries where it may be necessary, due respect for the essential rights of man and for the fundamental liberties of all.”

The memorandum concludes with an expression of willingness to discuss means by which “essential rights can be maintained without impairing the sovereignty and political independence of the nations.”

Honduras thus rejects the Uruguayan proposal. Copy of memorandum will be forwarded in the next pouch.71

  1. Silverio Laínez.
  2. For text, see República de Honduras, Memoria Presentade al Congreso Nacional por el Secretario de Estado en el Despacho de Relatione Exteriores, 1945–1946 (Tegucigalpa, 1947), p. 122.