710.11/12–1745: Telegram

The Chargé in the Dominican Republic (Scherer) to the Secretary of State

486. I have just received from the Foreign Minister57 a copy dated December 14 of his reply to Uruguayan Foreign Minister expressing disapproval of Uruguayan proposal. He states that the proposal of intervention is incompatible with that of national sovereignty and is contrary to positive American international law and would destroy the continental solidarity so brilliantly demonstrated in San Francisco.58 He says it would be better to use the present Inter-American sanctions and to strengthen them until the spread of disturbing political doctrines is made impossible. He feels that the vitality of the Pan-American system will be sufficient to deal with imperialistic expansion. He concludes that his Government is willing to consult regarding means for protecting human liberty which are contrary to judicial traditions. Text follows. No indication given of date for publication of document.

  1. Manuel A. Peña Batlle.
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