710.11/12–1545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State

807. Foreign Minister has furnished texts of following replies, copies of which are being forwarded by airmail pouch today.

Chilean note concurs in motives for Foreign Minister’s initiative but does not share those views implying abandonment of non-intervention principle. However, note expresses willingness to discuss initiative at Pan American meeting preferably after opinions requested from Inter-American Juridical Committee pursuant to Mexico City Resolutions 11 and 3854 are available.

Guatemalan note approves without reservation. However, it contains concluding paragraph which would be exploited by opposition press here to effect that, in replying to recent United States consultation on Argentine situation, Guatemala expressed viewpoint completely in accord with that set forth in its reply to Uruguayan proposal.

[Page 210]

Costa Rica’s reply after reviewing history of non-intervention principle and noting no departures authorized even during critical war years accepts in principle Uruguayan proposal provided all American Republics agree on the methods to be employed and to submit their differences to permanent institutions in accord with common juridical procedures. Note suggests concrete plan be submitted to Governments for study and comment after which revised draft would be submitted to a Pan American Conference.

  1. For texts of these resolutions, see Pan American Union, Final Act, pp. 49 and 77; for documentation, see ante, pp. 1 ff.