835.00/12–745: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia (Thurston) to the Secretary of State

1230. I inquired of Acting Minister Foreign Affairs45 this afternoon whether he was yet in position express his Govt’s views with [Page 204] respect Argentine consultation or Uruguayan initiative. He replied was not yet ready do so officially but hoped be able give me written statements both subjects within few days.

He added could advise me informally that in opinion his Govt Uruguayan initiative not acceptable since would open way to intervention internal affairs of an American State and that Bolivian Govt is strongly opposed such intervention. He volunteered opinion that majority of American Republics entertain same view. When I asked if he had received advices to this effect he amended statement to say understood from press statements this was the fact.

Colonel Pinto also expressed opinion that Uruguayan action is unfortunate and may result in great injury to Pan American unity by dividing Latin America into pro and anti interventionist group.

  1. Col. José Celestino Pinto.