835.00/11–2045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson )

447. Deptel 445, Nov. 20.10 On giving further consideration to best manner of obtaining effective publicity throughout Hemisphere, we [Page 190] are increasingly concerned by possibility of leak and partial accounts as result of FonMin’s intention to give note to press 48 hours after he gives it to Chiefs of Mission.

Our experience in such matters has been that with so long an interval between delivery of circular note to Govts and its release to press there is great danger of leak and partial coverage which would destroy highly important total effect of Uruguayan message.

We therefore suggest that note be given to Chiefs of Mission late in afternoon and that it be released to press 24 hours later. Please cable FonMin’s decision.

We entirely agree with FonMin’s opinion that it is important to expedite (Embtel 727, Nov 2012).

  1. Not printed; the Department expressed again its approval of the Uruguayan proposal and made suggestions as to publicity (835.00/11–745).
  2. Not printed.