835.00/10–3145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)7b

419. We are much encouraged by urtel 673, Oct. 31. You will, of course, bear in mind the importance that we attach to fact that our suggestion is based on the views expressed in the first instance to you and our Govt by the FoMin and to fact that you were informed that Uruguayan Govt proposed to incorporate its views on violation of human and civil rights in memo to be addressed to all other republics. Hence Deptel 404 Oct 24 expressed agreement with Uruguayan position and was designed to encourage Uruguayan leadership in the further development of a well conceived initiative. These [Page 189] thoughts are prompted by phrase in urtel which implies that Uruguayan initiative would be “at our suggestion.”

At a time when Farrell Govt is protesting its adherence to inter-American objectives and is being very closely watched by all other govts, we believe it most unlikely that it would resort to reprisals against Uruguay. We are, however, prepared to do all practicable to assist Uruguay in event of such reprisals, as you have been previously advised.

  1. Repeated to Buenos Aires as telegram 1562.