835.00/10–2045: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

648. Mytel 641, October 17.1 FonMin2 just handed me confidential memo in reply to my informal confidential memo re Argentine consultation.3 Full text by courier today, summary follows,

FonOff is devoting full attention to consultation proposed by Department. Has delayed reply because of confused and contradictory events in Argentina. Each day brings important changes. Therefore it seems prudent to wait and see.

In meantime exchange of information and political consideration of delicate problems involved may proceed.

FonOff awaits summary of information offered by Department.4 States that it would consider of extreme gravity proof of persistent protection of Nazi agents and of German activities against United Nations.

FonOff wishes to place on record that although it attaches full significance and importance to principle of non-intervention it does not believe that this principle can be extended to cover without limitation notorious and repeated violation by any republic of most elementary human and civil rights and non-compliance with freely undertaken obligations re external and internal duties of a state.

Mexico City agreements5 furnish abundant material as noted by Dept binding signatory countries and requiring of their govts a conduct adjusted thereto.

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In opinion of FonOff in future an essential norm of action in inter-American relations should be parallelism between democracy and peace. Efforts must be directed prudently but firmly to this end whenever circumstances advise. Until this desideratum is achieved there will always exist threat of conflicts. Understood, of course, that exercise of such action must be collective and undertaken only on basis of authentic substantiation of clear and repeated events.

FonOff presents these considerations in general way inasmuch as changes in Argentine situation do not permit passing judgment for present and it is prudent to await developments.

FonMin told me that while his memo will not, of course, be published, text will be given to representatives of certain other American Republics who have requested it.

In brief interview I reminded FonMin of Dept’s suggestion that other govts verify reports re Argentina thru their own sources pointing out that Uruguay should have exceptional facilities.

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