Memorandum by the Assistant Chief, Division of American Republics Analysis and Liaison (Halle)

Meeting of Inter-American Economic and Social Council

This informal meeting was held to make decisions preparatory to the inaugural session on November 15 of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council.

Election of Chairman. The Ambassador of Brazil,42 as Chairman of the meeting, asked for suggestions. The Costa Rican representative43 suggested Mr. Braden44 and was seconded by the Ambassador of El Salvador. There was no dissent.
Election of Vice Chairman. Mr. Braden suggested the Ambassador of El Salvador, and there was no dissent.
Designation of Member to Respond to the Address of Welcome by the Chairman of the Governing Board. The member for Brazil45 was the unanimous choice.
  1. Carlos Martins.
  2. Rafael Oreamuno.
  3. Spruille Braden, Assistant Secretary of State.
  4. Pedro de Alcantara Nabuco.