740.31112A/6–1245: Airgram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Venezuela (Flack)

A–265. Reference your airgram no. A–212 of June 12, 1945 and secret despatches nos. 7293 and 7362 dated May 5 and May 31, 1945, respectively,80 recommending for inclusion in the Proclaimed List the names of seven German nationals who confessed to participation in a conspiracy to sabotage Allied shipping in Venezuela.

The Committee81 withheld action in these cases. It is not the policy to list on the ground that an individual is a candidate for repatriation. The present repatriation program82 contemplates the repatriation of thousands of persons. It would obviously not be possible to reconcile large scale listings of candidates for repatriation with the current program for the reduction of the List. Neither is it clear that further identification of these individuals is necessary nor that they would be affected by listing.

Please cable whether the failure to list these persons will have an undesirable effect on the replacement program or the Proclaimed List and the reasons for your recommendation for including their names in the List.

  1. Despatches not printed.
  2. The Interdepartmental Committee on the Proclaimed List.
  3. For documentation on this subject, see vol. iii, pp. 784 ff.