Memorandum by the Assistant Chief, Division of Economic Security Controls (Mann) to the Chief, Division of River Plate Affairs (Butler)

Mr. Monsma of ES34 informed me that consideration is being given to raising the reparation question at the meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the Pan American Union, scheduled for November 15. He will keep us informed.

This would furnish a good opportunity for getting agreement of all the other American Republics on the question of the disposition to be made of German-Japanese assets in the hemisphere. I told Monsma that unless some plan was devised and pushed we would lose a golden opportunity of accomplishing our aim of permanently eliminating German influence in all of the American Republics.35

  1. George N. Monsma, Assistant Chief, Division of Economic Security Controls.
  2. For documentation on the reparations question and its connection with the liquidation of Axis assets, see the sections on the elimination of Axis interests in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Venezuela, printed in this volume.