Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs (Flack)

Participants: Mr. Harden, [Vice] President of Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Mr. Prioleau, Vice President of Standard Oil Co. of N.J.
Assistant Secretary Braden
NWC—Mr. Flack

Mr. Harden explained to Mr. Braden that notwithstanding the favorable reports he had received from Proudfit, President of the Creole Petroleum Company of Venezuela, to the effect that Proudfit thought that the new regime would be well disposed toward the petroleum industry, he felt that it would be desirable to obtain some further assurances. Mr. Braden explained that it would be next to impossible to employ such a question as a club in granting recognition. Mr. Harden then suggested that it would be very helpful if on an early occasion Ambassador Corrigan might express his thanks and appreciation for the assurances which had emanated from various elements in the Junta with regard to the petroleum industry. Mr. Braden said that this suggestion would be complied with.

In making these observations Mr. Harden adverted to the conversations between Mr. Welles (former Under Secretary of State) and officials of his company when the 1943 law was under consideration and the interest which the Department had then shown in establishing good working relations between the companies and the Venezuelan Government.31

  1. For documentation on the interest of the United States in the 1943 law, see Foreign Relations, 1943, vol. vi, pp. 807 ff.