831.01/10–2745: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics

This Govt after consultation and exchange of information with the other American republics has received no reports indicating pro-Axis inspiration for the recent change of govt in Venezuela. In view thereof and the fact that the new Venezuelan Govt is in control of the country and has announced intention to fulfill its international obligations Ambassador Corrigan is now being instructed to present a note to the new Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, October 30 extending recognition.

You are requested immediately to advise the FonMin of country to which you are accredited except that Chiefs of Mission in countries where unilateral action has been taken22 are authorized to use their own discretion in informing the FonMin of this action.

Sent to Caracas and Buenos Aires for information only.

  1. Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti, Guatemala, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Mexico. The Dominican Government had stated that it would refrain from recognition at this time because of an attitude of hostility toward the Dominican Government on the part of the Venezuelan Junta (831.01/10–2645).