831.00/10–2145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan ) to the Secretary of State

953. Fighting mentioned in second paragraph 948 was caused by attack on rebel headquarters at Miraflores by elements of National Police and detachment of cavalry loyal to Government reenforced by four truckloads of armed Communists who seized block of El Silencio housing project nearest to Miraflores and El Calvario Church about 200 yards from Miraflores. Prior to attack automobiles filled with their men dashed through center of town spraying with automatic rifle fire. As streets were full number of innocent bystanders were killed and injured. Junta mobilized armored cars brought from Maracay and planes dropped 20-pound fragmentation bombs on attackers. [Page 1405] Attack was repulsed and attackers driven off by nightfall. Sudden heavy rainfall helped dispersion.

This morning everything is again quiet except for usual occasional single shots. Churches open for services and street cars running. Mass meeting of workers called by Junta at 10 a.m.

Women and children of US Military Mission at Maracay evacuated yesterday by air to Curagao in Mission plane. Officers and men ordered to remain in Hotel Jardin. US Naval Mission has withdrawn from Naval School and is in Caracas.