Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Rockefeller) of a Meeting of the Pan American Union Governing Board

Reorganization of the Inter-American System

Ambassador Andrade,18 at the meeting, suggested the possibility of absorbing the present Pan American Union staff of the economic, social, public health, and labor sections into the new setup of the Economic and Social Council, thus avoiding any possibility of overlapping and duplication. I supported his position and suggested that they go even further and make the Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Council, Deputy Director of the Pan American Union with the double function of serving the Economic and Social Council and also providing the facilities for the Pan American Union which are presently provided by the existing staff.

After further discussion, the Chairman, Ambassador Castillo Nájera,19 suggested the appointment of a new committee to draw together [Page 177] the three reports along the lines of discussion, and appointed Ambassador Andrade as Chairman, with Mr. Vargas of the Colombian Embassy,20 and myself to be the other members. This committee is to consolidate the three reports and bring back the final recommendations.

Nelson A. Rockefeller
  1. Victor Andrade, Bolivian Ambassador in the United States.
  2. Mexican Ambassador in the United States.
  3. Alberto Vargas Nariño, Counselor of Embassy.