831.00/10–1845: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan ) to the Secretary of State

932. Garrison at San Carlos barracks Caracas revolted about 2 hours ago and there has been intermittent firing there. Rebels have possession of President’s1 residence at Miraflores. They are led by young officers none above rank of major of whom ringleader appears to be Major Velasco who says he will issue manifesto at 7:00. Apparently are not pro-Lopez but want free and fair elections. It is reported that Lopez Contreras2 went to Miraflores to see President and was seized by rebels. Impossible to confirm this and rumor of uprising of Maracay Garrison[;] Medina and aides toured other barracks and are said to have received assurances of loyalty. He has taken refuge in police headquarters. Loyal troops National Guard and police mobilized downtown to proceed against San Carlos Garrison which has been given ultimatum.

  1. Isaias Medina Angarita, President of Venezuela.
  2. Gen. Eleázar López Contreras, former President of Venezuela.