Memorandum by Mr. Ezequiel D. Salinas of the Embassy Staff in Uruguay to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)78


Subject: Elimination of Axis Spearhead Firms

As forecast in my memorandum of January 18, 194579 on the above [Page 1389] subject, the question of implementing the general program involving the elimination of Axis spearhead firms has been virtually in abeyance pending whatever action might be taken at the Mexico City Conference.

It appears that the Conference has provided the necessary stimulus. Deputy Juan F. Guichon,80 Uruguayan delegate, reports that soon after he returned from Mexico he had a long conference with Foreign Minister Serrato during which Serrato was apprised of the leading part which Uruguay took in the adoption of the Resolution involving the “black lists” and the measures to be applied to enemy firms. Guichon stated that the Minister was very well impressed and satisfied that the said Resolution provided ample support for action against the local enemy firms. Guichon assured me on his own initiative that he will press continuously until this act of the Mexico City Conference is translated into an effective program in Uruguay. Since he represented the Batllista party in the Uruguayan delegation, it may be assumed that his requests will carry some weight with Minister Serrato.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

With reference to Banco Aléman Transatlántico, Dr. Alberto Dominguez Campora81 (who has been ill for a few days) has advised me that adequate personnel to intervene the said bank has been selected; that he has given them the necessary instructions; and that they will move into the Banco Aléman on April 1. He specified that the Banco Aléman will be allowed to pay funds only for accounts owed, and to receive money only in payment for funds owed the Bank. I said that Staudt & Cia.82 owed the Banco Aléman about $U 400,000—if the Banco Aléman would be permitted to renew the loan. He said they would not permit renewals, and that Staudt & Cia. would have to pay.

E. D. S[alinas]
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 5614, March 23, 1945, from Montevideo; received March 31.
  2. Not printed.
  3. A footnote in the original at this point indicates Guichon’s reaction to his experience at Mexico City.
  4. A footnote in the original at this point indicates opinions of the Conference expressed by Dominguez Campora and others.
  5. German firm appearing on the Proclaimed List.