833.20 Missions/2–1345: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson )

91. ReDepgam A–40, February 3, urdes 533546 and 5459. Since staff conversations with Uruguay scheduled for March 15 will take up question of military missions it is hoped that satisfactory arrangements along this line will be made at that time.

Department approves in principle your discussing with General Campos the matter of obtaining assurances that in view of our deliveries of equipment Uruguay will turn first to us, but the nearness [Page 1378] of the staff conversations would seem to render it unnecessary to take such a step unless in your opinion there exists a possibility that an attempt may be made to arrange for a British Mission before March 15.

Department understands General Wooten will forward directly to you the proposed list of topics to be discussed in the staff conversations.

  1. Not printed.