810.20 Defense/2–1645: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson )

76. It is agreed by the State, War, and Navy Departments that Military and Naval Staff Conversations with Uruguay should start March 15. Refer Department’s secret circular instructions August 1, 1944,40 and January 10, 1945.41 Please consult the Foreign Minister42 and cable Department whether that date is agreeable to the Uruguayan Government.

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Conversations in Uruguay will be under the supervision of General Wooten and Admiral Munroe. They will get in touch with you directly concerning details of the Conversations.

It is emphasized that the forthcoming staff conversations are entirely exploratory in nature,43 will involve no commitments by either party, and will be confined to technical military and naval discussions, not to include political matters.

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  4. According to a memorandum from Col. P. W. Edwards, War Department, to the Department of State, dated February 22, 1945, the exchange of views was to concern the finances and manpower available, the size and composition of forces, standardization of equipment, organization, and training along United States lines in the fields of ground, air, and naval power (810.20 Defense/2–2245).