740.0011 EW/2–545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay ( Dawson ) to the Secretary of State

90. I delivered this morning to Amezaga President’s letter enclosed in Department’s instructions 2346 January 26 received here Saturday evening.

Amézaga reiterated readiness to formalize Uruguay’s position as respects both Germany and Japan but inquired if I had received a reply from the Department regarding his previous suggestion for collective action at Mexico City (my 73 January 29). He feels strongly that collective action would be the most dignified manner of handling matter and would greatly facilitate congressional approval. He suggests one of first acts at Mexico City might be a recommendation that six republics which have not done so make themselves eligible for adherence to United Nations Declaration in furtherance of hemispheric solidarity.
If urgency of matter does not permit postponement until conference Amezaga will consider earlier action in consultation with the other five governments.
I should appreciate as soon as possible Department’s comments on suggestion for collective action at Mexico City as well as any pertinent information concerning attitude of other five governments.
If Department desires action before conference I shall of course press matter vigorously on receipt of instructions. As Congress is in recess action would require a special session which can be called at any time. However in order to set stage and insure a majority President would have to discuss matter in advance with leaders of at least four parties making leak almost inevitable.
With reference to Department’s 49 February 216 I shall defer any discussion of preparation of public opinion through press pending your reply to present telegram.
  1. Not printed; the Department indicated that the preparation of public opinion may be helpful (740.0011 EW/1–2945).