Memorandum of Conversation, by the Chief of the Division of Economic Security Controls (Mann)

Participants: Mr. Pawley, American Ambassador to Peru
Mr. Wells, NWC42
Mr. Gallagher, Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Beltran, Peruvian Ambassador
Mr. Chavez, Commercial Counselor, Peruvian Embassy
Messrs. Mann and Monsma, ES43
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This meeting was held at the request of the Peruvians to discuss matters relating to the administration of the Proclaimed List in Peru.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mr. Gallagher expressed some concern over the possibility that the deletion of names from the Proclaimed List would make it legally impossible for Peru to continue to block funds or to complete its nationalization program. He stated that the Peruvian controls were, in some respect, tied to the Proclaimed List and that it would be necessary to modify Peruvian law so as to make it clearly appear that the Government would continue to have authority to control the property of deleted persons. This, he said, could be arranged before publication of the July supplement to the Proclaimed List and would receive his personal attention as soon as he arrived in Lima.

It was pointed out to Mr. Gallagher that the Proclaimed List was being reduced in certain countries, including Peru, because the local controls were adequate and Axis firms have been eliminated; and that many deleted persons deserved to continue to be subjected to Peruvian controls. Mr. Gallagher agreed in principle and implied that any relaxation in Peruvian controls would be made only as to minor and unimportant offenders.

At Mr. Gallagher’s request it was agreed that all the future mass deletions from the List for Peru would be cleared with the Peruvian authorities.44

Mr. Gallagher was particularly interested in the type of press release which would be issued in connection with the July supplement and it was agreed that the Peruvian Embassy would be informed in advance of the text of any such release.

  1. Division of North and West Coast Affairs.
  2. Division of Economic Security Controls.
  3. In telegram 652, June 20, 1945, 10 a.m., the Chargé reported that the Superintendent of Economy (Pflucker) and the Minister of Finance (East) had cleared for deletion all names in the supplement of June 23 (740.00112A E.W./6–2045).